Call of Duty – Ghosts – Scuba

COD Ghosts - UNderwater

First released image of an underwater level I designed and built for Call of Duty : Ghosts. To be released Nov 2013.


COD MW3 – Eiffel Tower Explosion

Modern Warfare 3 - Box Back

Artwork from my Paris level “Iron Lady” used on the back of the packaging. As well as the Radiant geo for the level I also built many of the models and destructible’s as seen from the air. Creating the Eiffel tower and its materials was the second time I had done so in my career!

COD MW3 – “Iron Lady” Ariel View

Iron Lady Ariel View

Paris from the air – Created for MW3 level “Iron Lady”. I built the entire level and for the aerial scenes created a vast majority of the textures.

COD MW3 – “Iron Lady” Wireframe

Iron Lady Wireframe

Iron Lady aerial image in Radiant editor.

COD MW3 – “Mind the Gap”


London street created for the MW3 level “Mind the Gap”.

COD MW3 – “Mind the Gap” – Wireframe

Mind the Gap - Wireframe

London street in Radiant editing software.

COD MW3 – Press Articles and Images

Mag - Independent

Modern Warfare 3 Press Images